ABC’s Weekly Update: WBRZ Tour, Elections

ABC LogoHere are this week’s ABC updates: WBRZ Tour, Manship Networking Night on Thursday, March 27, and ABC Elections on Tuesday, April 8.


ABC will tour WBRZ on Tuesday, April 1 with morning show producer Cheryl Stroy. Students should arrive from 11:45-12, and the tour will start at noon.


Manship Networking Night

Manship Networking Night is this Thursday, March 27 from 6:00-7:30. Please pre-register for the networking event on March 27, 2014, by filling out the electronic form here ( The deadline to pre-register is Tuesday, March 25, 2014.

Be sure to dress business professional, print and bring resumes and research the companies!

Here are tips to read before heading to networking night:

Companies that are scheduled to be in attendance:

Capital Area United Way, City Year, Covalent Logic, Cumulus Broadcasting, Edelman, FUSE, Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, Hometown Productions, Inc., KLAX-TV, KPLC-TV, Louisiana Wildlife Federation, LSU Athletics, NOLA Media Group, Red Six Media, Teach for America, The Ehrhardt Group, USAgencies, Volunteers of America Greater Baton Rouge, WAFB-TV, WBRZ-TV, WGNO/NOLA 38, WRKF

ABC Elections are Tuesday, April 8

We are holding elections for the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, PR Chair, Social Media Chair, Membership/Recruitment Chair, Web Manager, Fundraiser Chair, Editor-in-Chief of The Communicator, Special Projects Chair.

Position descriptions are listed below. Each person will give a short speech about why they should be elected to this position.

Executive Board:

  •          President

o   The president shall oversee and preside over all meetings of the general body and executive board, organize and motivate all executive board members, act as a liaison between the Dean of Manship School of Mass Communication and the organization.

  •          Vice President

o   The vice-president shall represent ABC at all Black Student Union (BSU) general body meetings and report all relevant activities of BSU to the ABC members (or appoint a delegate in his or her absence to attend), act as president pro temp at meetings that the president is unable to attend and coordinate speakers for the meetings.

  •          Secretary
    • The secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings (executive and general body), record attendance at all meetings, keep a record of member’s contact information, maintain a calendar of events, make an agenda for all general body meetings, using information submitted by officers at the executive board meetings, collect the mail from the ABC Box 221 in the Journalism Building and the African American Culture Center (AACC) and deliver the mail to appropriate officers/advisors and maintain an up-to-date copy of all of the organization’s documents. The secretary will also send all emails announcing and reviewing each meeting.
  •          Treasurer
    • The treasurer shall collect all monies, either dues or otherwise, for the

organization, issue receipts for all monies collected, keep accurate records of all monies collected and report the current bank account balance to the executive board at each meeting, meet appropriate deadlines and deposits and organize a budget meeting through which the executive board will be able to discuss, change, and gain knowledge of the budget.

Committee Member:

  •          PR Chair
    • The public relations officer shall maintain an ABC bulletin board in the Journalism Building and/or Hodges Hall, design and disseminate information and fliers announcing meetings and other events, issue press releases concerning the organization’s major activities and speakers it brings to the campus media, work in concert with the president and vice president before making public any verbal or written communications on behalf of the organization, appoint a professional organization liaison to interact with all media organizations.
  •          Social Media Chair

o   This committee chairperson will manage all social/ digital media on behalf of ABC. The person will share content related to ABC and its members and consistently update ABC’s social media accounts with this information. This person will continually serve as the online voice for the organization.

  •          Membership/Recruitment Chair

o   This committee chairperson will be responsible for organizing all recruiting events for the Association of Black Communicators within the Manship School of Mass Communication as well as LSU with the approval of the executive board. The chairperson will be responsible for keeping and accurate and up-to-date database of new members and for ensuring their retention within the organization.

  •          Web Manager

o   The committee member will handle content, design and overall messages for the organization’s website. This person will update and organize pages with content relative to the organization and its members such as the internship database, executive board bios and speaker/event schedule. This member will also coordinate with the Editor-In-Chief of The Communicator to keep the blog updated and

  •          Fundraiser Chair

o   This committee chairperson will be responsible for organizing, planning and executing all fund raising events for the organization. All ideas and suggestions must be submitted to the executive committee for official approval. The treasurer will work hand-in-hand with this committee chair in order to manage the account.

  •          Editor-in-Chief of The Communicator

o    The Editor will be responsible for all aspects of The Communicator on the website. He/she must ensure writers create content and publish their content on the web. The Editor must also maintain all necessary communication with Web Manager. The Editor will make the final decision on all matters regarding The Communicator’s content with the approval of the executive board. The editor will also act as the chief representative of The Communicator to the campus and University.

  •          Special Projects Chair

o   This committee chairperson will be responsible for organizing, planning and executing special events that are outside the scope of any other committees such as forums, workshops and guest lecture series sponsored by the Association of Black Communicators. This person will have to submit all ideas and suggestions to the executive committee for official approval of outside events.


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