Class Presentations: Association of Black Communicators

Read more about Resonance Communication’s presentation to ABC.

Live On

Rowan and Devin presenting to ABC at LSU Rowan and Devin presenting to ABC at LSU

On Feb. 24, Rowan, Hillary and I visited the Association of Black Communicators meeting at LSU to raise awareness about organ donation and to promote family discussion among students. We spoke to around 25 students about the myths that are associated with organ donation in hopes to change the perception they may have had prior to our presentation.

The quick presentation touched on topics such as: the organs that can be recovered, how many lives can be saved and impacted by organ donation, statistics on donation and much more.

When we asked who was already registered as a donor, almost everyone raised his or her hand. We were able to register three donors, and many more said they would be willing to talk to their friends and family about their decision to be a donor. Everyone was very receptive to what we…

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