Advocacy groups create abortion dialogue in Free Speech Alley

IMG_5314Unless students prepare to be nagged, harassed and cursed out, it is common knowledge not to walk through Free Speech Alley. However, Wednesday was a bit different.

Abortion is a touchy subject for many, but some students on campus came together to make it as pleasant, yet powerful as possible. They set up several boards that detailed everything from the process of abortion to the extremities of Planned Parenthood. Facts that no one would even think of were displayed everywhere and all students had to do was walk around and form an opinion of their own. No screaming, no arguing. Just one and one’s thoughts.


Although the people that put the exhibition together were clearly “pro-choice,” they addressed both sides of the spectrum. They separated myth from reality. They tried their best not to be offensive, just inclusive. It was pretty incredible to say the least. If students had a question they answered it, however not once wavering in their stance. They wanted everyone to be comfortable and informed.

Check out some of these jaw-dropping facts:

  • At 21 days a baby’s heart begins to beat.
  • There are 3700 abortions every day in the U.S., meaning in 10 days the LSU student body is gone.
  • The largest reason women have abortions is because they feel the timing is wrong. The smallest reason is because they were a victim of rape.
  • In an undercover investigation, a Planned Parenthood tried to accept donations specifically for the abortions of African American babies in order to “lower the number of Black’s in America.”
  • There have been 56,559,615 abortions in the U.S. since 1973. That is the population of California and Florida combined.

After seeing the photos, what’s your opinion?

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De'Andra Roberts
De’Andra Roberts
De’Andra Roberts is a 19-year-old public relations sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia. She hopes to enter the field of crisis management one day. Follow her on Twitter!

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