Dressing to the Degrees

The weather this October was extremely inconsistent with the concentration of temperatures lately. One day it is freezing cold outside and the next day it is steamy hot.

With this precarious issue in mind, it affects the decision making on a person’s ability to choose the appropriate weather apparel. One may put on winter clothes like a long sleeve sweatshirt, a pair of jeans, along with a pair of boots because of how the climate will be outside during the day.

To their sudden surprise, the climate may start off that way but end in a completely opposite way where one is sweating uncontrollably because of the heat under their warm clothes.

This is all because of climate change. The climate change interferes with global warming which both refer to the increase in average global temperatures.

This is caused by “Greenhouse” gases like carbon dioxide. This effect is caused by the energy from the sun which controls the earth’s weather and climate, heating earth’s surface.

However, we need the greenhouse gases because they are essential to our lives. Without them, where would heat escape to? This would actually make the weather much cooler than anticipated. 

With the changes of the season slowly migrating, the weather is steadily alternating different temperatures as a result. This is important because it may cause various complications with one’s immune system or even physical health.

Bottom line, the weather changes very often so all that a person can do is surround themselves around weather updates. Besides, you have to dress for the occasion right?

Irielle Washington is an 18-year-old broadcast journalism freshmen from New Orleans, Louisiana.

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