10 Ways to Get Rid of Writer’s Block

While attempting to come up with a clever or intriguing topic to write on, I realized I had hit the infamous “writer’s block.” This has happened to me many times before and it’s frustrating having to dig myself out of it. Sadly there is not a medicine you can take or a button to press to get rid of it, but there are things you can try! Here is a list of way to get rid of writer’s block:

1)      Change the setting

Do you have that same place you go to where all the magic happens, but today you just can’t come up with anything? Well, it might just be time to change it up a little! Try out a new place. It doesn’t have to be any place spectacular, just a setting in which your creativity can flow freely.

2)      Take a break

Stop. Drop your pencil, close your laptop, put your phone down. Sometimes all it takes to get that brain of yours working is for you to take a break. Try reading a book, taking a walk, or anything that allows you to just…be.

3)      Do some research

No matter what topic you are writing on, there will always be information relating to it online.  If you’re looking for something entertaining, go on the trendiest gossip sites to find some inspiration.

4)      Talk to people

How can you know what people want to read unless you ask the people themselves? Ask around! Your friends or family may be your next inspiration!

5)      Go to sleep

As crazy as it might sound (especially for those of us with deadlines) go to sleep! Unless you have a piece that is due within the next hour, you can afford to take a short nap. You never know the work your brain may be doing while you are asleep.

6)      Get some caffeine

If you haven’t realized yet, now is the time to know: Writers love coffee shops.  Go to the nearest coffee shop and try something that sounds tasty! Not only will you beable to get a caffeine filled beverage, but you will be in an environment where plenty of other people will be there doing the same thing you are.

7)      People watch

When I say people watch, I don’t mean lurking behind bushes or following people in dark alleys. Sit causally in a park or public setting; maybe have a drink or snack with you and simply absorb what’s going on around you. Human activity is a very interesting thing, you’d be surprised by all of the things you can observe from just a few minutes of sitting.

8)      Write for YOU

What interests you? Stop thinking about your readers or what’s popular. Write about something you love because when you love what you’re writing, your readers will feel that passion and be more intrigued.

9)      Stop thinking so hard

A writer’s brain is a chaotic thing, with so many thoughts and ideas flying from one hemisphere of the brain to the other, it becomes hard to produce anything to focus on. Just relax and let your mind work by itself.

10)   Come back to it later

Right now may be the wrong time. For now, let it go and forget about it. Come back to it at another time when you are relaxed and you’re less frustrated.

Follow these tips and you will be sure to produce some magic!

Cynthea Corfah is 18 years old and majoring in print journalism. She is from the Washington D.C area and can be followed on her personal blog: www.cyntheasays.blogspot.com.

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