Meet the Pros: Public Relations Speaker Panel

The Manship School hosted a panel last Thursday concentrating in public relations during its centennial birthday week of events for alumni, students and faculty. The Holliday Forum was packed for this event and #Manship100 was trending locally! Go back through the twitter thread for quotes, insight and live pictures during the event. Manship alumni present during and after the panel added to the networking element that this event was able to provide for students.

PR panel

Dr. Lundy moderated the panel, which consisted of Justin Runyon, Ja’Salyn Smith, Nicole Marshal, Sarah Laborde, Donna Dees and Amy Kulger.

Top Things To Remember as College Students:

1.      Hone your writing skills

Writing is the basis for any career dealing with mass communication. Being apart of the Manship School allows for great exposure and opportunities to develop the best writing possible.

2.      Network, network, network! (Strategically of course)

Communication is vital in the public relations field. Being a step ahead starts with who you know. Make the effort to introduce yourself to speakers who are eager to share their contacts and experience.

3.      Be a team player and make everyone’s job easier by going above and beyond

While working, do more than be a ‘box checker’. Your boss’s job is your job too. Show that you are capable of handling more responsibility.

4.      Masters degrees are not for everyone

Not everyone sitting on the panel attended graduate school. Only consider getting your masters if it directly relates to your career path.

5.      Embrace the college years and be prepared to work hard your first years out

When the panel was asked what they could have changed while at Manship, many answers were to enjoy the college moments more. After graduation, showing your worth will be a necessary to succeed—so you may as well revel in the moment while you’re still a student.

To put what I learned in one phrase, it would be: Make the effort. The Manship school’s centennial week has exposed me to numerous graduates who pursued their goals through opportunities that started in this very institution. Nothing is impossible.

Marie-Therese Yokum is a public relations and finance senior from Lafayette, LA. Follow her on Twitter @MTyokum.

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