Journalists share past stories, networking experience in Q&A

Tuesday, October 22, 2013Members of ABC gathered for yet another interesting meeting. The meeting opened with upcoming opportunities for the organization. Vice President Wilborn Nobles then introduced the two guest speakers, Sundra Hominik and Johnny Brooks.

Sundra Hominik is the entertainment editor for the Daily Advertiser and Times Acadiana in Lafayette, Louisiana. Hominik has 25+ years of experience in the journalism field. She has done it all, beginning with radio and television broadcasting to, moving to public relations and now working in the print journalism field. When asked what her most interesting thing she has covered was, she responded saying that the 2008 Presidential Inauguration and Virginia Tech massacre were two events she could never forget. She stressed to members that networking and being flexible is key to being successful.

Johnny Brooks is a journalism professor at Southern University and former metro desk editor of The Advocate. Having 25+ years in the field as well, Brooks said he started in journalism because of two internships he had in college. When asked what his most interesting story he has covered was, he responded saying the story of serial killer David Todd Lee. He also said this story was his most challenging. Brooks left members with the message, “You have to think globally and locally.”

imageVanity Hill is a 20-year-old public relations junior with a business minor. You can watch her latest production work at Tiger TV for “The Hot Spot.”

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