ABC Testimony: Secretary Vanity Hill

Vanity Hill
Vanity Hill

I joined ABC my freshman year in 2011. It was the first club I joined and frankly, the first group of people I spent so much time around. Coming from Houston, Texas, I didn’t know many people at LSU. ABC not only got me involved, it motivated me to better myself as a mass communication student.

During my sophomore year, ABC really took off and the organization introduced me to many great guest speakers and volunteer opportunities, such as Geaux Big LSU, which I gladly participated in.

One of the main objectives of ABC is to provide members with knowledge and tools to obtain an internship. After applying to approximately 30 internships for the summer of 2013, I was finally chosen to be a part of the ExxonMobil Summer Jobs Program. I enjoyed a very full and eventful summer interning for the local Houston nonprofit organization, Dress for Success Houston, as their PR/Marketing intern. I can definitely say being a member of ABC had a lot to do with the hard work I put in to obtain and maintain that internship.

This organization not only brings students from different majors and backgrounds together, it provides members with amazing networking opportunities as well. ABC has gotten better every year since I have joined!

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